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About Us

blooprynt is about making the connections for your business.  Your strategy with the solutions that deliver.  Your people and processes with the technology and services that make you indispensable to your customers.

We’re passionate about identifying the opportunities for your business to excel and find that 5% of your DNA that makes you unique and will keep your customers coming back for more.  A blooprynt for success!



Tony bought a unique perspective to the co-operative, able to navigate the breadth of the enterprise. He can connect the dots from technology to people and change.

More importantly he is able to clearly define a winning strategy and communicate with the customer facing teams through to the exec. Tony helped me open many opportunities for Retail team across the supply chain, pricing, and loyalty programmes
— Mal Scrymgeour (GM Operations @ Farmlands)
In my role as NIWA’s Manager – Marketing and Industry Engagement I have had the opportunity to work across multiple industry sectors and consequently have had the opportunity to meet with very many people engaged in innovation, systems and technology development and in marketing and commercialisation roles. Tony is that very rare breed of executive manager who is able to successfully operate across the technical and commercial divide in a way that is both professional and relational.

Our paths crossed when Tony was GM Innovation for Farmlands and from 2015 we had occasion to jointly develop and apply a number of innovations and technologies, were partnered in a national IoT trial with a range of 3rd party players across the primary and telecommunications sectors, and worked together on various strategic initiatives for our own and other companies. This has meant that I got to know Tony very well and I can say without hesitation that if you are wanting assistance with your strategic planning, enterprise systems architecture development or need someone to develop a technology or product strategy and to assist with execution then look no further - Tony is your man.
— Dr. Mark Bojesen-Trepka (Manager Marketing and Industry Engagement @ NIWA)

How we can help

At blooprynt, we offer several services that can help your business make the next connection


Architecture Services

blooprynt has spent many years at all levels on the architectural elevator, from software development through to enterprise mergers and transformation.  We can help you understand a technology transition from on-premise to the cloud and how to structure your business to best take advantage of those benefits.

We can design you the right architecture for your solution or your business, just ask!

Strategy and Innovation Services

Your strategy is more than just analysing your finances.  A strategy that understands your customers’ needs today and tomorrow and reflects a technology optimised world is a must.  More importantly, is connecting your strategy to an architecture that can help you execute on the vision.

That architecture will ensure your people, processes and systems join you to continue to deliver great outcomes for your customers.



Programme and Project Delivery

Whether it is a technical and delivery review of a project or programme that is not delivering value or getting the frameworks in place to start on the right foot, we can help.



Our experience

Our experience has been one of creating value at both the small and very large scale, from enterprise solutions in Europe to local businesses here in New Zealand.

Whether it's successfully leading ERP mergers for multi-billion-dollar businesses; designing, developing and deploying multiple thousand user enterprise solutions or defining and executing business strategy, we deliver.


Our expertise

We deliver value through a broad and deep understanding through business, technology and their convergence

Business Experience

  • Business Strategy
  • Opportunity Identification and Execution Planning
  • Strategic Partnership Negotiation
  • Merger and Acqusition Technical Due Diligence
  • Technical Pre-Sales Framework creation
  • Programme/Project Delivery and Audit

Technology Experience

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Integration Architecture
  • Business Intelligence and Data Insight Delivery
  • ERP Delivery and Migration
  • Cloud and Hosted Services Migration
  • Software Development

Enterprise Domains

  • Transport and Logistics
  • Retail and Service sector
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Payments and Card
  • Transaction Processing
  • Sales
  • Local Government